Now, I propose again a further development of a short segment, already known from my clients in the balanced version with shaft 6.5 mm or 7 mm in diameter: SABER 80 is set for a shaft 7.5 mm, long 110 cm.

It comes to putting a new dress for an old thing, as is wont to do in the field of spearguns? A semblance of novelty or real technological evolution?
It was 2004 when, after studying experimental ballistic began with the filming of the shooting filmed from a remote eye connected to a Sony Vaio PC ( Milan company engineer Campana) I found that my spearguns , with shaft 7mm and after 2 meters of range , had a better performance compared to the same armament with rod 6.5 in diameter( rod 7 mm faster to end-range compared to rod 6.5 mm, see diagrams of the speed of rod depending on the range published in studies ballistic of 2004.

Who knows my pragmatic and scientific methodology as designer, will understand that it is underway a substantial move towards the launch of rods with greater inertial mass that guarantee better performance than spearguns armed with rods of small diameter. This year I started with the MEGA SABER 4, casting a rod 8 mm, shortly I’ll introduce SABER 100, armed with rod 7.5 mm. The goal of this project is to increase the range of the rod, maintaining stability and great precision of shooting.




The project of the SABER SHOT 90 started with a significant increase in the inertial mass of the stems. The choice of the diameter of the shaft unfortunately suffered from the federal regulation requiring, for competitive shooting underwater, the diameter of 6.5 mm.
But this spar is not the best of the taut shot being excessively lean and therefore is subjected to the “ thorns” effect (harmonic oscillation), ballistic phenomenon that triggers at the beginning of the shooting end than continues in the first 2 meters of the trajectory of the rod. The “thorns” effect, in addition to disperse a part of kinetic energy of the rod, affect the accuracy of the shot. In the recovery of the “shot“ model for spearfishing precision, i considered appropriate, having to arm the gun with a rod 7 mm, more rigid than the corresponding 6.5 mm. One of the novelties of the Shot 90 is armament as standard with the Potentiator, propulsion system based elastomers of different diameters, already presented on this site and now successfully used by my clients on SABER or JEDI models with double elastics (or individually instead of the double circular or combined with a second circular to strengthen the shot of the speargun. It is no coincidence that the increase in mass of the shaft corresponds armament with a < flexible propulsor> more powerful, which in truth, since it was invented has proved very effective in the model 100.



Attempts to modify this first model of Saber date back to three years ago, when I tried to mount the rod from 7.5 mm in diameter on the stem of the Saber 100, the results are poor ballistic: low throw myself at 4.5 on the impact velocity target dell'arbalète armed with rod 7 mm, (despite having increased the elongation of elastic). On the segments of arbalètes longer (as the Saber 110 and the Mega Saber), in fact, the rod from 7.5 mm had shown a better behavior relative to the rod 7 mm: more rigid, flexing less and dissipates less energy.

For this reason I have tried, repeatedly weaponry segment's flagship Saber with the rod of larger diameter, to include, after several tests, the mass of the rod and the stem dell'arbalète variables are closely related: You can not increase the diameter of the rod without enlarging the size of the barrel!



Armament of spearguns and technical characteristics:
the standard armament of this speargun is four elastomers engines from 16 mm diameter branches Primeline with percent elongation of 320.

The M.S. 4 is braced with four passes of terminal nylon wrapped between the line-releaser and the pass-line placed below the stem ,first of the pulleys. The terminal is approximately 8 meters long that the end of the shot is played everything from the auction! The useful range of this the spear, therefore, is more than 7 meters.
The M.S. 4 launches shaft 8 mm diameter 150 cm long weighing about 560 grams about.

It comes standard with the new release mechanism roller and the reel with roll diameter 100 mm.
In this speaguns was applied a new line-releaser bigger, derived from the previous model used on Saber series, because it must be able to hook up 4 past of the end of nylon also has changed the bracket applied on the head of my spearguns with function to hold the rod with an O-ring or with a round of nylon terminal; the new solution which will be standard for all other models Saber, in fact, is a spout shaped steel AISI 316 drowned in the resin in the final part of the guide-rod secured by a screw perpendicular to the guide.

As in the Mega Saber with three elastic, the rod it reaches a top speed of over 30 m / sec.